About Me

Life is short and I want to see how much I can explore and learn before I die! If you are curious about how I have time to code, design, model, study languages, and workout all while traveling the world, check out my travel blog.

Looking for front-end development help on a project? Or perhaps a model for your brand? Want to get in shape and looking for a movement coach? I have experience freelancing in all of these fields so feel free to shoot me a message so we can talk more about your needs!

  • Web Development And UI/UX Design

    I have 6 years of experience with web development and design. Most of my recent projects are done in React. My specialty is making blazing fast e-commerce static sites with Gatsby and Shopify. Although I mostly do full-stack programming, I also have experience creating mockups in Sketch and Figma.

  • Translation

    After studying abroad in Japan in 2004, I realized I had a passion for learning languages. I then went on to major in Japanese, live in Japan for 4 years, and then move to Korea for 6 years and learn Korean. During my time abroad, I had many opportunities to do freelance translation, interpretation, and subtitling work.

  • Movement Coach

    I am now well into my 30s yet never seemed to have outgrown my days at the playground. I have over 15 years experience in breakdancing, 5 years in calesthenic training, as well as experience in capoeira, acrobatics, stunt work, pole dancing, boxing, brazillian jujitsu, tricking, gymnastics, and parkour. I would love to help anyone else that wants to test the limits of their body and move like they never have before.

  • Modeling

    I started modeling part-time in 2008. The majority of my work was product modeling at first but I later moved on to runway shows, event promotions, tv appearances, and extra work in movies.