Looking Forward to 2017


My last post was a review of 2016 and included a few ways that I think I can make life progress for 2017. I got about a month head-start on trying to motivate myself to do new things in 2017 and would just like to share a few new things I have either started or tried for the first time since December.

Blog Writing: This is my first ever blog dedicated to writing about my travels and experiences. I have been traveling a ton for over a decade so it is about time I got to work writing about it.

Slack-lining: I was only able to try it a couple times before leaving Taiwan but quite enjoyed it. Walking across a slack line helps improve balance and leg strength. It is also surprisingly much more difficult than it looks.

Bouldering: I just tried this once in Taiwan and thought it would be a breeze since I do a lot of pullups. I didn't realize however that the fingers are used much more and climbing strategy is also deeper than I thought. It was a good workout and I would love to try again on real boulders instead of in a gym next time.

Learning French: I have always loved learning languages and now that I am quite comfortable with Korean and Japanese I thought it was time to take on a European language. I have been studying 20 min. every day since the start of the year. I haven't had any practical uses for it yet but I will go to Mauritius next month and hopefully have a few chances to use it then.

Boxing: I was recently asked if I wanted to tag along to a boxing and stunt choreography session and couldn't turn it down. I hope to keep up the training consistently during my time here in Australia and perhaps even continue it after I leave. It is a good workout and motivation to increase my speed and stamina.

So those are a few new things I have started off the year with. Nothing big, no huge resolutions, but a few new fun challenges to throw in the mix for how I live. I have more plans that I hope to accomplish in 2017 but I find it a better practice to just dig in and do what you have planned than to share with everyone your plans ahead of time.

Photo by: Montaegue