Hello World!

Hello World

This is my first ever blog and first ever blog post!

The main topics I will be writing about are travel, language learning, exercise, and web design/development and how through these things I am slowly working at making my life more epic.

Now, writing a blog will be a bit of an experiment for me and there are 3 simple goals I hope to achieve:

1. Share my experiences.

I have been to some crazy places, accumulated some crazy stories, met some crazy people, done some crazy things and recently I am starting to think that I must be crazy for never writing anything down. I mean, need something to show my ancestors after I kick the bucket, right?

2. Inspire others.

I realize that the way I choose to live my life might not be considered normal to many. No, I'm not making heaps of cash so if you hope to find out how to get rich quick from reading my blog this probably isn't the place for you. However, I am in the process of working towards financial freedom and being able to do (for the most part) what I want, when I want with as little stress as possible. If there is just one person out there that I inspire to travel, learn a new language, or start a new company etc. Then this blog has done its job.

3. Grow as a person.

I have neglected writing a lot so this is a good opportunity for me to grow as a writer. I also hope to get constructive feedback and comments in hopes that people will also help me to expand upon many of my ways of thinking and doing things. I'm also curious to see if there are ways that blog writing could open up other business opportunities. Basically, my current view is that I can only go up from writing a blog. If I find this to be ineffective or a waste of time then I will quit. But for now, why not see where this takes me?